Spotlight on our Head Chef – Adam Sullens

Did you know that Head Chef Adam Sullens, and his incredibly hard-working team, between them are cooking over 1,000 meals a week for our customers!

With an ethos of designing fresh, local, seasonal foods that inspire and delight, Chef Adam continues to impress with his latest Summer Menu.

We wanted to take you behind the hot plates to get to know our very own Adam Sullens a little better and find out what makes our head chef tick:

What is your favourite movie?

Smokey & The Bandit… an absolute classic of a movie, which totally captured me from the age of 10 and has never faded! I am a crazy lover of fast cars, which is perhaps where the original love of this movie came from“.

What is your favourite supper?

Because it always takes me back to family dinners on a Sunday, it would have to be the great British roast, with a roasted chicken being my favourite. There’s something special about the smell of a roast filling the air and quite honestly, no-one can match the roast dinners my mum makes!”

And your favourite tipple?

If the sun is shining it would always be an ice cold Spanish beer (Cerveza). Spain is my second home and when the sun shines it reminds me of here“.

What was your dream job growing up?

I have always wanted to be a chef, even as a little boy. Mainly because my father was a chef and I would be in awe of his skill and passion. Growing up around food and always coming home into a warm kitchen where something is often bubbling away provided me with a huge sense of security“.

Adam Sullens Head Chef

Who is your favourite celebrity chef?

Whilst he’s less in the limelight now, Gary Rhodes has always been a chef that I’ve enjoyed following. He believes in staple British classics ‘with a twist’ and was one of the early chefs who really utilised his opportunities to build an empire of businesses“.

Do you have a signature dish?

Absolutely! Braised feather blade of Surrey beef, potato and parsnip puree, honey-roasted heritage carrots, crispy shallots and madeira jus… it’s delicious and even more so with a delicious full-bodied glass of red wine“.

Tell us something about you that not many people know?

I used to be a florist! Growing up, in between working in the kitchens and living in Spain, I spent a year as a florist and honing my skills in floral design“.

Adam can often be found in the kitchens, or working late into the night on new ideas for future dishes.

If you want to try out his team’s food, book online now and see for yourself why The Queen’s Head food is so popular.