Lager & Cider Tour

Love lager? Love cider?

Along with Stella, Becks Vier and Heineken on draught, we now have a great new selection of bottled lagers for you to try, so come and take a world tour with us…

Fancy something local? Along with Hog’s Back Brewery’s Hazy Hog cider, we’ve got their fantastic new Hogstar lager available, or you can travel a little distance to London and try Meantime’s great tasting London Pale Ale.

Hop over to Clonmel, Ireland and make the most of the last bit of summer sunshine with a delicious Bulmers over ice or take a journey to Belgium and the unique taste of Leffe Blond.

Feeling patriotic? We’ve got Samuel Adams Boston Lager, a full bodied brew that’s robust and rich with character.

Travel south for a taste of Mexico with Corona and a slice of lime, a light, fresh lager that tastes great on a long summer’s afternoon.

Finish up in Barcelona with Estrella Damm, whose dark-roasted notes give it a unique personality and lasting flavour.

Driving? Don’t panic, we’ve got Germany’s classic Beck’s Blue, alcohol free lager too!