Drive-In Cinema: Early Man

Friday 9th April 2021 10:00 am - 11:45 am The Queen's Head, The Street, East Clandon, Guildford, GU4 7RY

An asteroid collides with the prehistoric Earth, causing the extinction of the planet’s dinosaurs, but sparing a tribe of cavemen living near the impact site. Finding a roughly spherical chunk of the asteroid that is too hot to touch, the cavemen begin to kick it around and invent the game of football. Many years later during the Stone Age, a young caveman named Dug lives in the village with the chief Bobnar and many other cavemen such as Asbo, Gravelle, Treebor, Magma and Barry (Mark Williams). One day, Dug suggests to Bobnar that they should try hunting woolly mammoths instead of rabbits, but Bobnar brushes him off.

Starring the voices of  Eddy Redmayne, Johnny Vegas, Timothy Spall and Gina Yashere.


Important Information: 

  • This event is priced at £9.95 per vehicle.
  • This film will be screened on Fri 9th April at 10.00 am (100 minutes running time), rated U.
  • Please arrive 20 – 30 minutes prior to the screen start time to allow time for parking and setup of an in-car Bluetooth Speaker (this will be provided on the day).
  • The in-car Bluetooth Speaker is battery operated and does not require your vehicle be turned on.
  • It is recommended to turn your vehicle on every 30-40 minutes throughout the show to prevent your car battery from dying.
  • Food and cold drinks will be available to purchase on the day. Please review the PDF menu attached for more information.
  • This event will be operating as a COVID-safe, socially distanced event. All food and drink items must be ordered via QR code (provided on the day) from the comfort of your vehicle, which will be delivered directly to your car.
  • Temporary event toilets will be open for use.
  • For maximum comfort and enjoyment of this drive-in experience, we do recommend you bring pillows and/or a blanket to snuggle up with.


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09/04/21, The Queen's Head: Early Man. ONE VEHICLE ENTRY.£9.95

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